Katarina Norrby’s ceramic objects  are on the one hand fragile and a bit clumsy but on the other hand bold and strong.

– Gitte Brugman, Artistic leader, Art Month Ameland 2019


I am a ceramic artist living in Göteborg, Sweden where I share a studio with 7 colleagues at Sockerbruket, an old brewery now inhabited by artists and small business.

I work in a mix of porcelain and paper which I tuck and build my pieces from.

I see my ceramic works as abstract and schematic persons or creatures or even cells sometimes. To me they are individuals in their own right and at the same time subjective aspects of a diverse and rich reality.

I often carve out holes in my pieces to open them up for one
another and for the world around them and sometimes these holes resemble symbolic eyes, mouths or ears.  I am interested in how we can relate to them and how they can relate to each other.

I want to keep adding aspects of subjectivity into an intriguing reality. There is so much more to find shapes and colors for.

I got my education at Capellagården on the island of Öland.




Instagram: @katarinanorrby


2005-2007, Capellagården, ceramics department 

2004-2005, Grebbestads folkhögskola, ceramics department


Solo exhibitions

2016, Sintra, Göteborg

2010, Kaolin, Stockholm


Other exhibitions

2019, Kunst Maand Ameland, the Netherlands

2008, Window exhibition at Sintra konsthantverksbutik, Göteborg

2008, ”In marble”, group exhibition at the Swedish embassy in Tokyo and at Swedish Centre Foundation in Hokkaido, Japan, a collaboration between students from Capellagården and Tokyo Zokei university

2006, 2007, Summer exhibition at Capellagården, Öland       


Public collections

2013, Värmlands landsting



2008, Estrid Ericssons stiftelse

2006, Ax:son Johnssons stiftelse

2005, 2010, Wilhelm och Martina Lundgrens stiftelse       



2011/1, Sköna hem

2007/04, Hemslöjden